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This page explains certain Spiders vs Wizards app policies, including but not limited to how gems and in-app purchases work in SPIDERS vs WIZARDS.

The app and all in-app purchases are subject to the Holvonix LLC Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The following app policies also apply. We may update these policies from time to time; be sure to read the most recent version at the current URL whenever you use the app or make any in-app purchases. Any use of the app and any in-app purchases made after an update is posted here is subject to the updated policies.

Prices and availability may vary by app version, app edition, device, country, locale, and other factors, and may also change over time. Gems and in-app purchases are not available in app versions below “1.0.0”. Not all offers may be available to you. Neither gems nor in-app purchases may be used across different editions of the game (for example, across Arcade Edition and Ultimate Edition).

Last updated: 2017-03-01

What are gems?

Gems track various accomplishments in-game. Gems may be earned by beating a stage or by completing certain objectives. The number of gems earned may vary.

Earning more gems

You might be able to purchase ‘Hyper Mode’ which (in addition to hiding pause-screen ads, if applicable) will increase the number of gems you earn in the future. ‘Super Hyper Mode’ will also give you unlimited stage retries (a retry will use up 0 gems).

The ‘Hyper Mode’ in-app purchase is non-consumable, so if you purchase it on one device you may be able to restore the in-app purchase on installations of the same app edition on other devices.

Gem earnings multipliers are only in effect when indicated by your Gem Chest on the main menu. Purchases must be completed before multipliers are applied. For example, if a parent or guardian is required to approve your purchase, until the full process is complete and the multiplier is reflected by the Gem Chest, you will not benefit from increased earnings. Gem earnings multipliers have no effect on gems purchased using in-app purchase (as opposed to earned by beating a stage). Remember to “Restore Upgrades” via the Settings gear menu on new installations or if your multiplier is lower than expected, to ensure you receive the appropriate multipliers from ‘Hyper Mode’ (or ‘Super Hyper Mode’) if previously purchased.

Using gems

Depending on circumstances, you may be able to use gems to retry a lost stage or for a bonus (such as skipping stages). The number of gems required per retry may vary and will be displayed on the Retry button. Using gems to retry a stage does not eliminate any power-up or score penalties that apply to retries.

Gems are consumed as soon as you attempt to use them. For example, if you retry a stage using gems or get a bonus using gems, and then terminate the app (or turn off your phone, or the operating system terminates the app, etc.) while playing the stage again, you will permanently lose the gems used.

Buying gems

Tap the Gem Chest on the main menu to see if offers for gems via in-app purchase are available. You may also be offered gems via in-app purchase if you don’t have enough gems to retry a stage. If you currently have too many gems or have made too many prior purchases, you may not be offered gems for in-app purchase.

Gem in-app purchases are consumable in-app purchases, as described further in the Terms of Service.

Special offers

From time to time, we may offer special bonuses, such as extra gems or higher earnings multipliers. These are limited-time offers, and you should read the specific offer advertisement for details. Offers that may be applicable to you may be noted on the main menu.

You may not receive the most up-to-date offers if you do not have Internet connectivity. You may attempt to refresh offer information by tapping the Settings gear menu and tapping ‘About’ and then ‘Refresh’.

Important information

The following applies to all gems, including those earned or acquired via in-app purchase:

  1. Gems cannot be transferred between devices, users, installations, or app editions.
  2. Gems have no real-world value and are not a form of stored value.
  3. Gems cannot be exchanged for currency, goods, or services.
  4. Gems cannot be recovered once consumed or lost.
  5. Gems cannot be restored if you re-install the app or install the app on another device. Holvonix LLC servers do not “backup” your gems in any way.
  6. Uninstalling or deleting the app will cause total loss of your gems.
  7. Ability to use and earn gems in-game, the number of gems earned for an objective, the number of gems required to use a feature, and the availability of such features and objectives may change at any time, without notice to you, and at the sole discretion of Holvonix LLC.

Holvonix LLC cannot provide refunds for gems or in-app purchases. Please see the policies of the application store where you downloaded the app to see if the application store provider provides a refund process.

See the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for additional policies.