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an HOLVONIX game

Fight the centuries-old battle for supremacy

A game for iPhone and iPad, available on the App Store

This action-puzzler requires quick-thinking and quick-tapping to get your wizard home!

You decide

Ultimate Edition

Pay-up-front. No in-app purchases + no banner ads. Unlimited stage retries.


Arcade Edition

Free-to-play. In-app purchases + banner ads. Stage retries require gems.


How to Play

A simple goal: Survive nine stages of spider infestation to reach your castle before the spiders take over the land.

Part runner, part puzzler, and part action game, SPIDERS vs WIZARDS is easy to pick up, but nearly impossible to master. Each stage is faster and more tense than the last, with a splash of vibrant color.

  • Move forward from tile to tile but don't fall off the sky plane that keeps you flying above the clouds. When the spiders are closing in and hope is almost lost, summon your trusty pet phoenix #MrChipDip to guide the way. Beware: the stages are moving faster and the spiders getting more powerful as you fly closer to home.
  • Simple controls: just tap or touch and hold to move towards your finger. Collect wand power ups and tap to cast a protective shield or summon #MrChipDip to vanquish your enemies.
  • Strive for a 5-Star perfect rating on each stage, or go for a speed-run! Compete with your friends on Facebook or Game Center, and share your favorite worlds.
  • Too easy? Tap the fast-forward button while playing any level and get more points for ratcheting up the speed. Still too easy? Once you have the hang of it, try Hard Mode - it is at least as difficult as it sounds.
  • Every day, you can play against the whole planet on a global "Daily Challenge" world. Or play and share randomly generated stages, so you can keep running almost endlessly.
  • Even customize your wizard avatar to match your personality! You can also swap the controls left/right and switch to a darker theme via the settings.

Tweet us @SPIDERSvWIZARDS or with #SPIDERSvsWIZARDS to share your glorious achievements, or Tweet @HolvonixSupport if you have questions.

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