Need some help or just wondering what this is all about? Check out the FAQ below!

here lies BEAUTY is in pre-release, and all features, documentation, prices, and availability are preliminary, may vary, and subject to change.


The Basics

How do I play?

Playing here lies BEAUTY is a chance to relax, do something creative, and make something beautiful, all in a few minutes - while we play you some serene music to help you along. There are a few rules to keep things interesting:

  • Like in real life, there’s no undo button - if you made a mistake, just draw over it.
  • Finish what you started - once you begin a timed creation, there’s no pause button, so the timer continues on even if you’re not in the game. We’d rather you set aside a few minutes to relax and make some art! If you quit or dismiss the app or turn off your phone, you will lose your work.
  • Always start with a blank slate - you can’t “open” a file or copy-paste from others. Each time, you’ll be making something brand new.

When you hear the gong, the timer’s up - and you can share your creation, keep it, or let it go. What are you waiting for? The world wants to see what you can make.

Unlike most games, you’re not competing or trying to beat anyone in here lies BEAUTY, and you can’t lose. Each day, we’ve got a Daily Challenge so you can see what the world makes with one prompt, tools, or color palette.

Got the hang of it?

  • Try out the challenges to see what you and your friends can make with limited palette, tools and time, or with a common theme
  • Get the Plus Edition to expand your palette, tools, and timers, and hide third-party ads

There are a number of other treats in the game, some described in this FAQ, but many you’ll have to discover on your own!

This isn’t a professional drawing app - there are plenty out there if that is what you’re into. We’d rather keep things light and fluffy (and fun!).

here lies BEAUTY is currently free to download, so you can install the app and play in Basic Mode (when we release it to the public). Basic Mode is ad-supported, and lets you use an initial set of tools and colors. You’ll also be able to play some of the challenges, however other challenges may require purchased upgrades.

Additional features, like the Plus Edition which hides third-party ads, are available via in-app purchases.

Prices, features and availability may vary and are subject to change. Your use of the app is subject to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.  

Where do I get the app?

here lies BEAUTY is currently in pre-release, and so is not available to the general public yet. Follow @Holvonix to find out about releases!  

I’m done early! Now what?

Just long press the timer in the lower right corner until you hear the gong.

A light tap on the timer will just take away one minute, if you’re looking to challenge yourself a bit more.

Be sure you’re done though - there’s no going back!  

How do I share my creations?

After you’re done, on the final screen just tap Share or any of the social network icons you see. On iOS, the Share button will take you to the standard activity screen, while a social network icon will take you directly to that third-party service.

The share screens may have some initial text about @hereliesBEAUTY or hashtags for the challenges to make it easier for others to find your work and vice-versa, but you are free to remove any of the placeholder text.  

Where do I find what everybody else is making?

Players can share their creations wherever they’d like. You might find them tweeted mentioning @hereliesBEAUTY or via the hashtags for each challenge. From time to time, we may even retweet our favorites from @hereliesBEAUTY!

Keep in mind: not all the creations tweeted @hereliesBEAUTY or with any of the hashtags are actually made using the app (anyone could add a hashtag to their message!), and you might find some of the shared content objectionable regardless. We are not responsible for any content made by players.  

Do I have to share my creations?

Nope. You can choose to keep them for your own enjoyment or just get rid of them.

If you don’t share or keep your creation though, you may not be able to get it back.  

How do I save my creations?

Tap Keep after finishing your creation.

Depending on your system, your creation will be saved to the Camera Roll or Saved Photos on iOS.

Note: If your system is set up to automatically share content saved in these locations, others may still be able to see your creations.  

What’s Freestyle?

Freestyle is just creating without any challenge rules. The basics about no undo, no copy, no pause, etc. apply in both Freestyle and challenges.  

What are badges?

Badges are small emblems added to the lower right corner of your creations that show how long the creation took to make, what tools you used, and other things like your signature or the challenge you’re playing, if applicable. We’ll also add a number badge - so your fifth creation will show “#5”.

Some badges can only be earned through specific accomplishments, and once you’ve earned them they’ll be added to all your future creations.

Badges are added after you’ve finished your creation, and you’ll see them applied on the final screen before you share or save.

If you get the Plus Edition in-app, you can turn off badging in the gear menu, and your future creations won’t have badges.  

What is auto-sign?

Auto-sign adds a signature badge to everything you create going forward.

If you get the Plus Edition in-app, you can turn on auto-sign and select your signature in the gear menu.

Please remember to follow the User Content rules in the Terms of Service when choosing your signature, and be aware that the app may prohibit some signatures, at our discretion.  

What is the Plus Edition?

The Plus Edition is an optional, in-app purchase that unlocks extra functionality:

Prices, features and availability may vary and are subject to change. Note that certain challenges can only be played if you’ve get the necessary tools or palettes via in-app purchase.  

How do I mute or unmute the music?

Just tap the speaker icon in the lower left corner of the screen on the main menu. If you’re in the middle of your creation, you can tap the speaker icon.

Tap again to un-mute.

If you can’t hear the music, make sure the app’s music isn’t and that your system as a whole isn’t muted.  

Where do I get more tools or palettes?

From time to time, we may release tools, palettes, timers and other goodies for free or via in-app purchase. You’ll find out about those in the app.  

What is sprint mode?

Sprint mode is a super-fast 1-minute timer. Sometimes your greatest work is done in the shortest time 😃

You can unlock the 1-minute timer if you get the Plus Edition.  

Why don’t I see my prior in-app purchase upgrades?

Make sure you’re using the same store account that you originally used for the in-app purchases. You can try refreshing your upgrades from the gear menu.

Challenge Points are not upgrades: see here.  

How do I use the drawing screen?

On the left side is the Toolbox - it has various tools like a pen, marker, brush, etc. You can also mute/unmute the music there and visit this FAQ. On the right side is your color palette. If you are playing a challenge that limits your toolset or palette, you may not see your full set on the screen; we’d rather not tease you with some disabled buttons.

On the bottom right is your timer - it shows you how many minutes and seconds are left, or ∞ infinity if you have unlimited+ time. If you are playing a challenge that limits the number of strokes you can make, you’ll see that too with a number and a marker like “7🖌”.

In the middle is where you draw - you’ll have to try that part for yourself.

+ no, sorry, time is not truly unlimited - wouldn’t that be great? You will probably run out of battery or turn off your phone, in which case you will lose your work, so get drawing and get done!  


How do challenges work?

Each Challenge is just a few rules you have to follow when making your creation, limiting your palette, tools or time, and often with a particular theme, like:

  • Black-and-white only, in 3 minutes
  • Green, red, and blue with just a pencil
  • A puppy in black and golden, with only 5 strokes
  • Landscapes with watercolors and the Nature palette, in 10 minutes

Each Challenge has its own hashtag (like #APuppyInBlackAndGolden) so you can share your creation and find other creators’ attempts too. You’ll see the hashtag in the share screen after you finish your creation. In addition, challenges may add a distinctive badge, too.

You get one attempt to complete each Challenge. If you make an attempt and decide you’d like to try again, you’ll have to use a retry. If you’re going to retry a challenge, don’t worry - you can still share your first (and every other) attempt!

Some challenges may require you to have different in-app purchase upgrades, like extra tools or palettes.  

What’s a stroke?

For most tools, a stroke starts when you begin touching the screen and ends when you lift your finger. If you lift your finger at all, or go off the edge of the drawing area, the stroke will end - and as we all know, there are no undos.

Some challenges, well, challenge you by limiting the number of strokes you can make. You’ll have to be creative to draw something complex with only a few strokes.  

How do Daily Challenges work?

On most days, we’ll have a Daily Challenge set up. Each Daily Challenge lasts about 24 hours, starting approximately at midnight Pacific Time. A Daily Challenge follows all the basic rules about challenges in general.

You can kick off a Daily Challenge from the main menu.  

How do Special Challenges work?

Sometimes we’ll post Special Challenges - which are separate from Daily Challenges. You need to have the Plus Edition to participate in Special Challenges. A Special Challenge follows all the basic rules about challenges in general.  

How do I retry a challenge?

Each retry for a Daily Challenge requires 100 Challenge Points. Other types of challenges will have their retry cost listed after you attempt the challenge.

If you are out of Challenge Points and don’t want to earn or use in-app purchases to get enough for another retry, you can just keep playing in Freestyle or wait until another challenge is released.  

How do I get Challenge Points?

Different accomplishments in the game will earn you different amounts of Challenge Points; you’ll have to explore the game to find all of them!

If you’d rather not wait, you can use in-app purchases to get Challenge Points. You can get Challenge Points directly from the gear menu; or after you attempt a challenge and want to retry.

Challenge Point in-app purchases are consumable in-app purchases, and you can’t share them across users, devices, or installations, and you could lose them. Prices, features and availability may vary and are subject to change.  

What happened to my Challenge Points?

If you uninstall or reinstall the app, you will permanently lose any Challenge Points you earned or received via in-app purchase. You cannot share Challenge Points across users, devices, or installations - but you can get them separately for each user, device, or installation.

Remember: there is no way to get lost or used Challenge Points back, and there are no refunds.  

Why don’t I see the correct challenge?

Make sure you have a working Internet connection and that your phone’s clock is set correctly.  

Other topics

What should I do if I find some objectionable content created using here lies BEAUTY?

Holvonix doesn’t host the images created with our services and isn’t responsible for their content. You may want to contact the service provider, social network, or other third-party service where you found the image to see if they have a takedown policy.  

You never told me how to win. Or lose.

There’s no winning or losing - sorry! Take a few minutes to do something fun, and then see what your friends do with the same challenge, and don’t sweat it.  

I need more help!

Tweet us @HolvonixSupport. We’re a small outfit, so keep in mind that we may not be able to respond to all inquiries and it may take us some time to get back to you.  

Important information:

By installing or using this app, you agree to our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy. This app may contain third-party ads and/or referral/affiliate links. Sequences may be shortened; screen appearance may differ based on app version and your device hardware. Feature availability may be limited to certain users or locations and may change; some features listed here may require in-app purchase to unlock.