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an HOLVONIX game
A game about decisions that don't matter
Half social experiment
Half boredom-buster
All nonsense
Trivial Choices
for iPhone and iPad

The choices we make define who we are - but when that responsibility is too heavy, make some Trivial Choices instead!

We’ll show you a pair of words, phrases, or images. Pick the one you like best. Over and over again.

Every day, everyone gets a new series of pairs - so you can share and compare your choices. With over 17,000 unique pairs*, you’ll be on your toes for a long time.

  • Brag to your friends on Game Center about how many times you’ve agonized over meaningless decisions like 🐮 cows vs. 🐷 pigs.
  • Proclaim the superiority of 🚀 rocket ships over 🎢 roller coasters on the social network of your choice.
  • If you’d rather not see third-party banner ads, you can use an in-app purchase (where available) to hide them.

This is our playground to try out new effects and features before we roll them out to our other apps. It is a silly endeavor - you’ve been warned.

Someday we might get some interesting information about the human condition from this app… but don’t count on it…

  • Do people who prefer 😇 halos to 😎 sunglasses also prefer 🐱 cats over 🐶 dogs?
  • Do people in the south like 💌 writing love letters more than their northern peers?
  • What time of day do people enjoy wasting time hitting a button over and over again?

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* If you aren't using the latest operating system on your device, you may not have all the latest emoji, and may not be able to see all of the available question pairs.